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Deposit due at time or order!

$50 or 1/2 the price if design is set at time of order.


Dozen Standard Size: $30+

Dozen Specialty Standard Size: $36

Dozen Jumbo Size: $36+

Dozen Specialty Jumbo Size: $42

Please specify which size you would like upon ordering, otherwise I will assume you would like the standard size

*Specialty applies to complex flavor combinations and complex designs such as holiday and seasonal cupcakes.

**Fondant & Modeling chocolate add-ons may require additional cost

Cake Flavors


-Devil's Food



-White Almond

-Tye Dye



-Apple Spice


-Graham Cracker


-Red Velvet


-Chocolate Chip



Frosting Flavors

-Chocolate Buttercream

-Vanilla Buttercream

-Peanutbutter Buttercream

-Strawberry Buttercream

-Lemon Buttercream

-Cream Cheese 

-Cinnamon Maple Cream Cheese

-Marshmallow Buttercream

-Maple Buttercream

-Espresso Buttercream

-Cookies and Cream

-Cake Batter



-White Chocolate

NOTE: The standard buttercream is Swiss Merengue Buttercream. If you would like another type, please specify in your order.

*Flavor twists are available. Please ask if you would like up to 3 flavors (or 3 colors) swirled!


- Peanutbutter




**If you don't see the combo you are looking for, or a design Pinterest has got you desiring, send us a photo or a description and we will work our magic!

Be sure to check our Facebook page for any special edition flavors or designs we have available for the holidays and change of season!

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